Cleveland Clinic Patient Perspectives is a private online community where we have invited a select group of Cleveland Clinic patients to be our trusted advisors.  This community gives patients the opportunity to share opinions with Cleveland Clinic on a variety of topics, further making a difference within our organization.  

Once a month or more we will post new content, which could include either activities where you’ll have the opportunity to win prizes or fun activities you can participate in with other community members. Some of these activities include surveys, writing brief responses to posted discussion topics, engaging in “live chats” (similar to text group chats) keeping a journal, posting photos, and posing your own questions to other members. You’ll be able to collaborate and learn from each other, voice your opinion, and share your thoughts. If you have a question or concern about an experience or service, please visit the FAQ page or contact the team via the “Contact the Moderators” link at the footer of the site. Thank you for being a part of Cleveland Clinic Patient Perspectives

For more information on the rules of the Cleveland Clinic Patient Perspectives community, please view our Terms & Conditions in the footer of this page.